This is the catalog of the film collection of the German Dance Archives Cologne. It currently contains around 6,500 catalogued films on dance.

The film collection catalogue is continuously updated, and new entries are added every day!

Use our research portal to explore this diverse and exciting inventory. The film collection contains stage recordings, documentaries, new productions of stage choreographies for film, experimental films, feature films, recordings of rehearsals and lessons as well as “camera choreographies”. These are dance video and film productions with choreographies that have been especially devised for the film or video camera, putting dance, movement and perspective at the center of the work.

Please note that we cannot make all information from our database available via the search portal due to copyright restrictions. This is also the reason why we are unable to include film clips or entire films, for the time being.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information on request and during your visit at the archive in Cologne.

Would you like to watch films that you have researched or are you planning to put together a film program and need some help?

  • Viewing the films in the video library

    The tapes and films can only be viewed on the premises of Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln and upon prior arrangement.
    We have three viewing stations. Prior reservation of a viewing space is mandatory! 
    It is not possible to borrow films or make copies!
    In order to reserve films by phone or e-mail for viewing, please quote the corresponding volume numbers from the online catalogue.

  • Research service

    Are you looking for the distribution address of a film or video? Do you need suitable clips for your exhibition? Do you want to screen a whole evening of dance films as part of an event?

    We are here to help. Please note that we charge for research for commercial purposes.

    We charge a set fee of €15 per half hour or part thereof of research per researched item plus postage and charges for copies (€0.10 / €0.20 per page) and database printouts (€0.25 page) where applicable.
    Please submit all research requests in writing. We will then provide a cost estimate and, once you agree to bear all charges, we will commence our research work for you. 

The costs for devising a program of dance films depend on the research work involved and the price for the film licenses. We can provide more details of the costs involved on request. However, please note that the video library does not make copies of the films or loan films, either for commercial use or for private or research purposes!

Did you not find what you were looking for in our catalogue? Did you find a mistake? Please let us know! We will promptly correct unclear or erroneous entries!
Do you have any questions on our film programs or using the video library? Please get in touch!

Christiane Hartter
Film collection
Phone: +49 (0)221 888 95 404