The Tanzmuseum sees itself as a place of cultural memory, a place for conveying knowledge, but also a place where people meet and communicate. The wide range of topics and the diversity of its exhibits on display – photographs, program leaflets, reviews, posters, films, diaries and letters by dancers and choreographers, costumes and sketches of set designs as well as works bearing witness to visual artists’ perspectives of the subject of dance – prove over and over again how informative, exciting and inspiring ‘dance in the museum’ can be.

The Tanzmuseum wants to encourage its visitors to look at the reality of dance through a different lens. Therefore, the museum always asks the most essential questions in its themed exhibitions: What do we see when we see dance? How is our image of dance formed? Why do we perceive dance in the way we perceive it? Questions that are intended to encourage visitors to ask more questions and to explore the subject, to look for answers. This is possible in the archive, but also in the events held in the Tanzmuseum, which expand on the theme of the exhibition and inspire the visitor to look at the exhibition again, from a completely different angle.