Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln (German Dance Archive Cologne) is a globally networked information, documentation and research center for dance. With unique items in its inventory and adjacent exhibition space, it is among the most renowned archives for the art of dance in the world.

Anyone researching any topic related to dance in Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln has a good chance of finding what they are looking for. Scientists, students, journalists, dancers, choreographers, educators, museums, publishers and ballet aficionados from around the globe use the extensive collection, for example to view a relatively unknown dance libretto by Klaus Mann, a rare photograph of Igor Stravinsky, handwritten notes by Oskar Schlemmer on his “Triadic Ballet” or a large selection of footage from the ballet “The Green Table” by Kurt Jooss.

In addition to preserving records and items related to the art of dance, the archive, founded in 1948 by Kurt Peters, is dedicated to their scholarly appraisal and presentation in exhibitions and publications.